Network Solutions

Enjoy the uncomplicated benefits of high-speed internet access and networking at home, or in the office, with support of our comprehensive line of wired and wireless networking products. Printtech network solutions includes switching devices at the core of the network to routers at the edge. We enable users to share access to peripherals, files, digital multimedia and the internet among a manifold of computers and other devices by offering easy-to-use quality network devices. With regard to networking products, Printtech Solutions and Supplies closely cooperates with practically all major OEM manufacturers. As we have the knowledge to provide specific advice on the best suitable network solutions, we endeavor to meet our customer needs.

Business Networking Equipment

Our business networking equipment is used to split, switch, boost or direct packets of information along professional business networks. To enable a complete variance of network services, we offer a full array of hardware solutions including network hubs, switches, routers, bridges, gateways, multiplexers, transceivers and firewalls.

Hubs and Switches

Hubs work at the physical layer (layer 1) of the OSI model. The device is a form of multiport repeater that also participates in data collision detection. Our modern hubs come with a BNC and/or AUI connector to allow connection to legacy 10BASE2 or 10BASE5 network segments. Network switches route packets between ports at the OSI layer 2, which means that the switching device in the Ethernet decides where incoming packets are transferred to, based on the Network Interface Card"s 48-bit address.

Routers and Bridges

Network routers are protocol-dependent devices that connect sub networks with the ability to break down a large network into smaller sub networks. Unlike routing, bridging makes no assumptions about where in a network a particular address is located. Our broad range of router and bridging products ensure a successful transfer of data packages on the OSI 3 layer of your network.

Network Cards

Networks either allow one or multiple computers to connect to each other (LAN), or it allows them to connect to the internet (WAN). For a computer to be able to talk to other computers, or to an Internet service provider, it needs a Network Interface Card (NIC). Network cards are usually found inside the computer and function as gateway to which Ethernet cables are connected. Our network cards are available in a wide variety depending on the required quantity, quality and type of data you want to transfer.

Network Firewalls

Network firewalls are designed to block unauthorized access to your network while permitting all authorized types of communication. The device is configured to permit, deny, encrypt, decrypt or proxy all computer traffic between different security domains based upon a set of predefined rules.

Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is created by an interconnection between nodes that are implemented without the use of wires. These wireless networks are commonly implemented at the physical layer (OSI 1) of the network by use of remote information transmission systems that use electromagnetic waves. This results in enjoying all network benefits that are in reach of the wireless network such as internet connectivity.


VoIP and IP telephony allows a PC user to make phone calls over the Internet or other packet networks via gateways and standard telephone. This technology brings together the possibility of speech and data transmission on the same moment in time.