About us

About us

The company Printtech Solutions & Supplies has officially been established in the year 2002. Our main office is located in Halsteren, The Netherlands from where we centrally manage accounts on a worldwide scale. At present time, we are considered to be a key player on the international market for cabling / wiring solutions, networking equipment, printer supplies and print services.

Next to the main activities that are operated through our central European office, we are also strongly represented in mainland China by having multiple Asian manufacturing partner locations. This wide-reaching coverage facilitates us to practically service any business-to-business customer on the globe.

Manufacturing solutions

In the area of manufacturing solutions, Printtech facilitates a broad range of services and flexibilities to ensure that our cabling and wiring products will always meet the customer"s expectation.

This includes services like:
- Specialized production supervision
- Customized packaging design
- Tailored product assembly
- Personalized printing of logo"s, barcodes and text on packaging and / or cable jackets

OEM products

A second key strength of our organization is the close relationship we maintain with practically all major printing and ICT (information systems, computers and telecommunication) OEM manufacturers. This strength can easily be translated into customer benefits such as:
- Supply of a complete array of networking equipment, printing supplies and print services
- Quality assurance by supplying genuine OEM products
- Ability to provide professional product advice and support
- Competitive conditions

Print services

Third main aspect in our solution portfolio is the expertise and ability to supply, configure and maintain complete printing environments for businesses. Our experts can examine your printing environment and identify any necessary steps to make your printing facilities more cost-effective, efficient and productive.


Our customer satisfaction package is finally completed by an extensive range of logistic services to ensure we always deliver at the right place and right on time by acting in terms of customer driven resolutions.